Welcome to Trance-Formed Therapy.

Step into the world of hypnotherapy, where the mind’s incredible power meets relaxation and focused attention. Discover how this transformative practice guides individuals towards positive change, from managing stress to fostering healthier habits.

Welcome to the best version of you.

Hi! My name is Daria Klepacka and I am Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, with accreditation from ARCH Canada.

My mission is to inspire people like you to recognize that their past circumstances and challenges do not need define their future. Regardless of your previous experiences or limitations, I aim to empower you to embark on transformative journey, enabling you to embrace a brighter and more fulfilling life starting today.

Every one of us has the potential for happiness, growth, and achievement.

After overcoming my personal challenges, I discovered that delving into the depths of our subconscious mind holds the key to finding solutions. Today, I extend my hand to others, armed with a profound understanding of the complex workings of the human mind and its potential for self-deception. My journey, fueled by both academic pursuits and personal experiences, equips me to guide clients to the very roots of their issues and lead them to the transformative insights they seek. Together, we reshape old patterns into fresh habits and emotions, catalyzing powerful, positive transformations in your life.

In my eyes, hypnosis is more than a tool; it’s a pathway to change, a conduit to therapy, and a gateway to personal development.

Privately I am wife and mom of two girls, who love to spend time outdoors, cooking for my family and friends. After my healing journey I just love to be attuned and present to what life has to offer.

“Hypnosis allows patients to focus intently on a specific problem and its resolution, while maintaining a comfortable state of physical relaxation. It also helps patients to enhance control over their body responses. Hypnosis is a normal state of aroused, attentive, and highly-focused concentration—comparable to being so absorbed in a movie or novel that one loses awareness of his or her surroundings.”

What is Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a method through which we can communicate with the mind and enhance human potential in both personal and professional development. There is no other therapeutic method that incorporates various psychotherapeutic approaches, allowing us to fully harness the immense power of the mind. Hypnosis provides access to the resources of the human mind that are hidden in normal conscious states. It grants us access to our subconscious.

Hypnosis opens the world of the subconscious. During hypnosis, the therapist uses the language of the subconscious, relying on symbols, images, metaphors, and positive affirmations aimed at stimulating the mind to create change. In hypnosis, it is possible to evoke memories that significantly impact our present life and then weaken or strengthen that influence. Through positive visualizations, one can encourage the mind to pursue specific positive goals. Habitual behaviors can be weakened or transformed into more desirable ones. With hypnosis, direct communication between consciousness and the subconscious can be established, effectively improving our functioning.

Why do people choose to seek out hypnotherapy?

  • Feeling of being stuck
  • Lack of a sense of agency in one’s life
  • PTSD
  • Mood decline
  • Depression including postpartum depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Problems in close relationships
  • Anxieties, phobias
  • Life crises
  • Harmful habits and addictions
  • Recurring difficult emotions and tensions
  • Psychosomatic pain, migraines, chronic pain

Session Pricing


This no-obligation consultation is conducted via Zoom or phone call.


Initial Session

90-minute duration.


Follow Up Session

50-minute duration.


5-Session Package

50-minute duration per session.